We are proud to have a high quality of professional and energetic individuals passionate about our cause who greatly assist and promote our work in the community.

Our Ambassadors are representatives and advocates to the community, they recognise the importance of raising awareness and reducing the stigma associated with mental health.

Our Ambassadors recognise and understand the importance of outreach in the community by playing a leadership role in directing individuals towards professional help, in the prevention of suicide and depression.


Aimie joined The Flawed Journey as a Mental Health Ambassador in February 2021. Aimie has always been passionate about Mental Health and breaking the stigmas that surround it. Aimie's passion stemmed from her own experience of mental health and the experiences her family members had while she was growing up.


Aimie wanted to expand her knowledge and do a job which gave her a sense of fulfilment. Aimie has completed a four year Social Care degree and during this time she volunteered for Childline in Ireland, which is a phone and online service which provides immediate support for young people in need.


Aimie has worked in many different areas that all link with providing mental health support to clients and service users. Aimie is currently working as a Child and Family Practitioner in Sydney, Australia. This role provides Aimie the opportunity to work closely with families to put further supports in place to help re-establish secure bases and networks to ensure a stable environment for children to return to their families. 

Aimie arrived to Sydney late 2019 and due to the Pandemic landing shortly after and being away from the support of her friends and family she began to struggle. As an expat, Aimie had little knowledge of Mental Health supports available to her and was not in a position to afford the high costs of counselling supports that came up on Google, having used the services of The Flawed Journey to maintain her mental health as an expat abroad, Aimie has benefited from the sessions that the practice offers. Aimie believes that it is so important to look out for one another and to be there to support the community in Australia. 

Aimie is driven to provide support and raise awareness in both Sydney & Ireland in hopes of breaking down the stigma that surrounds Mental Health. Aimie advises that she is a huge advocate of the work that The Flawed Journey do both in Australia and at home in Ireland and feel she has a lot to contribute to the Flawed Journey as a Mental Health Ambassador. 

Connect with Aimie here.


Blake joined The Flawed Journey as a Mental Health Ambassador in March 2021. Blake fought a long battle between his illness, alcohol & drugs and at aged 21 made the move from his regional home town of Dubbo NSW to Sydney. He made the big move to better his career and start a new chapter with a positive mindset. 


Fast forward to 2020, Blake is currently living with his wife on the Sunshine Coast, and is working as a FIFO worker. Blake says even though he has stopped his medication and is in a much better mental state, it doesn't ever completely go away. You will find things that make you genuinely happy, whether it's a sport, hobby, reading a book, adventure, camping or fishing. Blake found fishing to be just that for him. He can come home see his wife and forget about work, then go fishing by himself or with a mate. Blake says there is something very calming about being on the water, as if time would almost stand still. 


Blake is a very social interactive person and loves to chat to anybody and listens to where they are at. When Blake is not flying over the countryside for work you will find him providing people a space where they can listen to his podcast Rise & Find. It’s a podcast to inspire people from all walks of life to share their mental health journey. Blake catches up with people from non-for profit organisations, mindset coaches, fitness gurus and people that are sharing their mental illness and what tools and resources they use to help them now day by day.


Blake says to him Rise & Find means to "Rise up for the day, get out of bed and get active", and to Find what you love outside of work whatever sport, hobby, activity or adventure that may be. The reason behind his business is for him to share his story about Mental Health and engage with the community to be a great Role Model and Mentor and “Bring it to the Surface”. 

Blake is currently completing a Certificate IV in Youth Work, and his vision for Rise and Find is to promote awareness, and provide support to those in the community, to help remove the stigma surrounding mental health.


Blake says with him being an Ambassador for The Flawed Journey it is exciting as he will get to work alongside the amazing counselling services that The Flawed Journey provide and he will be able to assist with extending reach to people unaware of The Flawed Journey's services available.

Find out more about Rise & Find and Blake's mental health story here.


Mai joined The Flawed Journey as a Mental Health Ambassador in March 2021. Mai is a qualified Early Childhood educator. In college, Mai completed a student placement with an Irish charity Barnardos that involved working with children who’s parents suffered from mental health issues and addictions. Mai loved the strategies used such as mindfulness with preschool children, which give them the coping skills for life and promoted resilience. 


Once Mai finished college in Ireland, she then decided to travel to Sydney, a scary new adventure, but has been everything she has dreamed of and more. Mai is currently working as a disability support worker for individuals with physical, mental and intellectual disabilities. 


Mai's passion for mental health stem from her own battle with anxiety as a child and throughout her teenage years. Mai suffered with panic attacks often and it was a very low point in her life when exam stress hit from leaving cert. Mai has had her own experiences throughout her teenage years with therapy and life coaching.


Mai found both therapy and coaching really helpful and her aim is to remove the stigma around going to therapy. Mai understands that, if you break your leg, you would go to a doctor, so why not go to therapy If you’re not feeling 100% mentally? 


Mai sees herself as being a spiritual being and she finds affirmations and meditation helps her anxiety immensely. Mai also enjoys reading angel cards and finds such comfort in this as it gives her faith and comfort that there are better days yet to come.

Mai's overall goal for her role as an ambassador with The Flawed Journey is to break the stigma on attending therapy and to create it as an everyday conversation for all, where no one feels fear or shame in discussing that they are going through a rough patch. Mai is looking forward to implementing different workshops for those at home in Ireland and Abroad and overall being part of a community that is passionate about breaking the stigma and lifting each other higher to become the best versions of ourselves.

Find out more about Mai here or connect with Mai here for a reading.


Lee joined The Flawed Journey as a Mental Health Ambassador in March 2021. Lee is from Northern Ireland, 35 years of age and father of two wonderful kids. Lee is currently challenging himself by studying at University of Ulster in Communication & Counselling whilst having a learning disorder Dyslexia and Dyscalculia and is not letting this interrupt his studies.


Lee is a Mental Health Advocate & Public Speaker who has run previous workshops & events to proudly share his own lived experience battling with his mental health. Lee is very passionate in Mental Health and especially around Men's issues, he ensures to use his voice and platform on social media to normalise Men's Mental Health and how males should talk and express how they are feeling.

Back in October 2020, Lee trekked Slieve Donard for #WorldMentalHealthDay and raised funds for Aware NI who are the depression charity for Northern Ireland and provide support for people with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Lee is also a disability union rep and ensures to do what he can for his community to break the stigma associated with mental health.

Lee openly discusses his experiences with his mental health journey in hope that it will help someone else out there. After a long battle with his mental health and going through periods of vulnerability where Lee lost his job and lived in his car, showering in a leisure centre before going to work each day. Lee was diagnosed with obsessional thought disorder in 2013 after a long battle with his mental health including a breakdown with his marriage at the time, alcohol abuse and an experience of wanting to end his life at the River Bann but he choose to go back to his parents and ask for help.

Unfortunately Lee faced another turn for the worse with his mental health when he lost his mum suddenly in 2017 from a sinus infection but then found understanding and realisation on what he wanted to do to improve his life and in 2020 completed A levels in Psychology along with Anatomy & Physiology and through his current studies with Communication & Counselling he hopes to further understand why people behave the way they do and develop further mental health coping skills. 

Lee runs an Instagram page (@mentalheathbylee) where people can feel safe, comfortable and he has created a place where individuals can share their concerns as he feels this would have helped him when he was struggling. Lee has recently connected with (@glow_ni) who are a Belfast Charity who give life & opportunities to women through mental health & well being programmes. Through their collaboration together Lee has created a mental health clothing brand (real.and.raw) which supports the work that (@glow_ni) does and through this Lee hopes to further break the stigma around mental health.

Lee now uses fitness to overcome his difficulties and enjoys pushing his body through new limits. Lee uses his voice and shows people out there who are suffering that it is possible to live again and is excited to be an ambassador for The Flawed Journey to open up further conversations around mental health struggles.

Find out more about Lee here or check out his clothing line here.

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