To help individuals find accessible yet affordable mental health support.


To help and encourage individuals who seek mental health support and talk therapy to discuss life's struggles and our emotions, thoughts and behaviours are just as normal as discussing physical problems. As Counsellors of The Flawed Journey we are passionate in breaking the stigma of mental health who aim to provide professional services with a unique approach where we ensure each individual feels safe, comfortable, relaxed and we establish connections that will have long lasting results where The Flawed Journey will have impacted lives in a positive way.

  • We respect human rights and dignity

  • We protect the safety of our clients

  • We ensure the integrity of practitioner-client relationships

  • We enhance the quality of professional knowledge and its application

  • We alleviate personal distress and suffering

  • We foster a sense of self that is meaningful to the person(s) concerned

  • We increase personal effectiveness

  • We enhance the quality of relationships between people

  • We appreciate the variety of human experience and culture

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