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I'm Emma and I'm Irish currently living in London. I started my private practice The Flawed Journey in late 2019 and have been dedicated to the work I do ever since.

I was born and grew up in Northern Ireland.  In my early 20s I was in a cycle of feeling lost, broken, and flawed. I grew up in a culture where talking about your emotions wasn't a 'thing' and anything bad that happened was brushed to the side, as I got older I learnt that unfortunately this is so common.


I strongly believe that events in our childhood have a great influence on our adult lives and play a huge part in shaping us now in terms of our interpersonal relationships and how we deal with our emotions.  Our childhood experiences are a part of us and deserve the space they have never had to process, feel the feelings and let go.

Through my own personal journey of self-discovery and healing I uncovered many parts and layers of myself that were kept hidden and then finally found my voice and was able to start living a life that felt fulfilling and in my own terms. This healing work of many years inspired and led me to not only my career of a mental health counsellor but also my passion and purpose of providing a safe haven where individual's can feel seen, heard and understood without judgment.

Meet Emma

I believe by nature that I'm a deeply empathic, warm and compassionate person.

It's incredibly important for me to show up as I am in my relationships, through doing so I'm living a fulfilling life in alignment with my values and accordance to my authentic self.

I don't have all the answers. I am human and just like you, I'm navigating life and continuously learning from mistakes, healing and growing.

Outside of my job as a therapist, I enjoy spending down time with my incredibly supportive partner and friends. I thrive best with a daily routine involving reading, journaling, meditation. I love to explore new places, travel and meet new people. On a regular basis I attend yoga and gym classes to sustain my own well-being.

Outside of my client work, I volunteer my time fortnightly as a Supervisor, managing and supporting a team at a suicidal London based charity called The Listening Place that provide face to face support to those who feel life is no longer worth living.

I value and see huge importance of being a part of a positive community, therefore I'm a proud ambassador at a London based running club where I encourage girls to run at their pace, ensuring they feel supported and leave feeling positive and proud that they've pushed themselves.

I'm fascinated by new research, training and alternative therapy styles in mental health. I aim to stay refreshed and up to date within my field of work by committing to life-long learning both in my own personal practice of self-inquiry and my professional practice.

“In therapy we make a pathway to the person you intend to be.”

My Style & Approach

I'm a firm believer that every individual's story is unique and deserving of understanding and compassion. 

I foster a safe, trusting space where you feel seen, heard, understood. We will work together on a journey were we'll unravel complexities, recognise patterns and explore how your experiences have affected your self-esteem and are keeping you in a cycle of feeling stuck, lost, flawed or not good enough.

I have a relaxed non-clinical style and use an integrative approach in sessions. I integrate three main modalities - Person Centred, CBT and Psychodynamic therapy. 

I aim to draw upon both my own personal journey and years of professional learning experiences combined to build strong congruent relationships with individuals that I meet and get to work alongside from all walks of life.


Taking the first step towards therapy can be daunting, but remember, it's also an act of self-care and courage.

Education & Experience

My educational background includes study in health and social care, where I have acquired comprehensive knowledge of various healthcare models, policies, and ethical considerations. I have from there delved into further topics of study such as public health, business management and mental health counselling. From working in various settings such as hospitals, schools and rehabilitation centres, I've gained insights into the multifaceted nature of mental health-related challenges and the diverse needs of individuals and communities.

2013 - 2015

Belfast Metropolitan College

Health and Social Care - Studying and (1 year long placement) working in the community as a Care Assistant and Community Worker, assisting patients  who suffer from dementia, learning disability and neurodiversity with their daily life and well-being.

2015 - 2018

Belfast Metropolitan College

Level 2 Counselling Skills, Level 3 Counselling Studies and Level 4 in Integrative Counselling Practice. Working with adult clients in the community struggling with addiction and domestic abuse to regain control of their lives (1 year placement with 200+ client and supervised hours).


Lifeline Australia

Domestic & Family Violence course learning ways to advocate for legal, financial and physical safety. Exploring the importance of a trauma informed approach to support survivors of abuse and help them to reach a place of emotional and psychological safety.


The Open University / BACP

Online & Phone Therapy course exploring how to work remotely, assessment of client suitability for online working, risk assessment, how to effectively provide online therapy and the challenges to working ethically in online counselling.


CPD on Starting My Practice

Prior to setting up my private practice I done various CPD courses with mentors and coaches on how to set up an effective private counselling practice which give me an in depth insight into how to navigate business, marketing and to have a professional business model and structure. 


Community Work

Working in the community with Victim Support Services which involved working closely with victims of domestic violence and or victims impacted by crime providing psychological support.  I also worked closely with a Men's hostel that allowed me to support male client's who struggled with substance misuse, homelessness, schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder. I worked collaboratively with other professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, GPs and community mental health teams. (1 year placement with 250+ client and supervised hours).

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