Founder Emma Craig, created this space in order to help individuals Worldwide overcome their struggles, change their mindset by becoming more aware and providing the guidance for others to have a more purposeful life.

Emma is from Belfast, Northern Ireland and is currently based in Sydney, Australia. Emma sees herself as extremely hard – working, driven to excellence and passionate in helping others.

Emma has dealt with many struggles in her past with her own Mental Health including coping with dysfunctional relationships, overcoming negativity, toxic environments, suffered panic attacks through teenage years, challenging times throughout school years, unemployment and many other issues which brought Emma to undertake her own Therapy at various stages throughout life, she is grateful for how Counselling helped her through times that were once challenging and unforeseen.

As a therapist, Emma offers a warm, safe yet confidential environment to fully discuss your past or current life to improve your mental health. Emma endeavours to take care of all of her clients by providing the best approach for each individual suited to their issues, personality, behaviours and preferences. We offer in person face to face and also phone or online sessions, meaning we can get you the professional help you need on how to facilitate change.

As a professional Counsellor, Therapist and coach, I follow guidelines and ethics set out by my professional body CTAA (Complementary Therapists Accreditation Association) and The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. At The Flawed Journey, we ensure to have the correct approach towards each individuals needs which will make you feel at ease, comfortable with the process and give you step by step care to ensure your not on your Counselling journey alone at any point.

Reach out if you wish to get to know me further or have any questions.


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