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The Flawed Journey is dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and removing the stigma surrounding it. Our workshops and projects aim to create a space of understanding and support for those who struggle to have access to therapy and those who want to go on a journey of self-discovery whilst learning tools and techniques to better cope with their mental health. Whether it's mindfulness and self-care or building a safe supportive community, we have a variety of upcoming projects that will tailor to your specific needs.


Join us for our upcoming mental health events and learn how we can all work together to make positive changes.

Our past events


Feedback from our events

"I think the environment was supportive and not pressuring, it allowed us as a group to engage and talk when we wanted and step back when we didn't. I just want to express my absolute gratitude for this winter workshop series. Can't wait to join more!"

Our upcoming events

No upcoming events at the moment
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