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A modern Counselling & Therapy practice that are passionate about breaking the stigma of mental health.

Our practice genuinely care about your mental health, well-being and have your best interests at heart to ensure you get the best care, help and support you need.

We provide a safe space where mental health issues are normalised and have a non-clinical approach where we help you on a journey of healing and growth to improve your overall mental health.



Accessible & Affordable Mental Health Support - No Waiting Times


We are flexible and offer sessions during evenings & weekends


FREE 20 Minute Phone Consultation


We provide sessions online from the comfort of your own home


The Flawed Journey was founded in late 2019 and since then we have helped over 200 individuals across the globe located in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Asia with their mental health. Our Founder Emma started her career as a Mental Health Counsellor at a time when she was dealing with her own mental health struggles and uses both her own personal journey and professional experience combined to assist clients on a healing journey of increasing their overall feelings of self-worth.

"I started The Flawed Journey because when I was in need of help and in search for a Counsellor and professional help, I couldn't find instant services that were accessible, affordable and relatable. My aim is to create a safe non-judgemental space where individuals can reach services when needed without the restriction of waiting times and high fees which will enable individuals to get the help they need."

- Founder, Emma Craig


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Emma is The Flawed Journey Founder, Director & Head Counsellor who currently works with individuals remotely online via phone call & zoom video sessions.

Emma uses a person centred and integrative approach in sessions which allows her to explore where each client is and what they need as she believes in tailoring her approach around each client helps bring the best outcome for each individual as we all cope, feel and learn in different ways.

Emma is Currently Available - Monday - Friday (Online) for new clients.

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Alysha is a qualified Counsellor & CBT Therapist assisting individuals remotely online via phone call & zoom video sessions.

Alysha uses a CBT approach in sessions to explore client’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours and helps individuals to find tools which will prompt you to feel more positive. CBT is goal-orientated and aims to provide you with tools to apply to daily life long after therapy has finished.

Alysha is Currently Available - Monday - Sunday (Online) for new clients.


Anger Management



Behavioural Issues

Bereavement & Grief



Career Difficulties



Performance Anxiety

Personal Development


Pregnancy & Postnatal Depression


PTSD & Childhood Trauma

Relationship Issues

School & Social Related Issues

Self - Esteem

Self - Compassion

Self - Harm Issues


Suicidal Feelings



Coping Skills


Child & adolescent



Emotional Distress

Expatriate & Relocation Issues

Imposter Syndrome

Life Transitions



The Flawed Journey's support is so flawless for me. Emma,  it's founder, is one of the most empathetic people I have ever met. She is so caring and helpful; lent her ears whenever I needed and she ensured to help in all walks of life.

- Naresh, India

I would highly recommend Emma, she is so kind and really listens to what you’re saying. She’s made me look at things differently and really made me think about my feelings and emotions. Thank you so much again Emma, I really appreciate all your help over the last 8 weeks.

 -Rebekah, United Kingdom

 I have nothing but great things to say about the flawed journey. Emma is my therapist, she is amazing. She makes me feel so at easy, very comfortable with my emotions and makes me feel like I am not alone with everything I’ve experienced. I definitely would not be where I am today, if it was for Emma guiding me in the direction, and helping me find peace and solutions to my needs. Thank you so much.

- Aoibhin, Northern Ireland

I really enjoyed the sessions with Emma. I was a bit sceptical about them being virtual but she made me feel at ease and allowed me to be myself. Over the phone I could talk freely and more openly about my feelings. The sessions were really worthwhile and I valued the tasks provided in addition to Emma's advice. Thank you!

- Hal, Northern Ireland

Currently I am working to improve my mental health. I have been working with Alysha to tackle social anxiety and low self-esteem and I have been so grateful for all of her help. Setting goals and using CBT tools has given me the motivation and tactics to promote a healthier mind set in my everyday life. Looking forward to continuing my journey.

- Kirsty, Northern Ireland

Alysha is outstanding at her role. That way she is able to work her questions make you think about thinks that I had never really thought about before. She make it easier to explore your feeling by using CBT tools. And I love that she will always end the session on positive, happy space.

- Katie, Melbourne

When I have previously gone to therapy, I felt anxious before every session. Alysha made me feel comfortable and understood. For the first time in my life I was not nervous about going to therapy. She helped me to understand where my emotions were coming from and helped me to feel confident and trust myself. Thank you so much <3

- Niamh, Northern Ireland

Emma has been wonderful for my daughter. Very nurturing and supportive. The walk and talk therapy was a great way to Connect and form a bond. She quickly became a trusted confidant and would recommend Emma especially for teenage girls.

- Sarah, Sydney


What to expect?

Introduction, get to meet with your therapist and chat through what you're facing with your mental health to ensure your chosen therapist is a good fit for you and their approach is suitable for what you need.

What do I need to know?

We will be able to discuss with you what our session available times are, session lengths, frequency of sessions, what a typical sessions looks like and what to expect in a first session with us.

What will I share?

You will be able to share your desired goals that you would like to achieve during your therapy journey and discuss your expectations of working with a therapist.

What is the purpose of the call?

We will discuss your preferred online session type, our policy, fees and client rights and the purpose of the consultation is to ensure we can help you with our services and tailor around what works best for you!


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