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A modern Counselling practice that is passionate about breaking the stigma of mental health.

The Flawed Journey genuinely care about your mental health, well-being and have your best interests at heart to ensure you get the best care, help and support you need to achieve your potential.

I provide a safe space where mental health issues are normalised and have a relaxed, non-clinical approach where I guide you on a journey of healing and growth.



Accessible & Affordable Mental Health Support available across the globe


Flexible session times and offer sessions outside of regular 9-5


FREE 30 Minute Phone Consultation


I provide sessions online from the comfort of your own home
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Hello I'm Emma, I founded my private practice The Flawed Journey in late 2019 and since then I have supported over 300 individuals across the globe located in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe with their mental health through the use of my services.

'The Flawed Journey' brand name comes from how our traumas usually leave us feeling flawed, defective and as though we are damaged goods, which then leaves us with no option but to hide our true self with our adapted false self. Through coming to therapy in my practice we will work together on a journey to allow you to acknowledge and accept all of your flaws in a compassionate and soothing way with an overall aim for you to become whole through accepting yourself as you are.


My passion and advocacy for mental health stems from my own personal experiences of dealing with trauma, self-limiting beliefs, anxiety and depression until I sought help from a Counsellor and found hope, tools and was able to step into being my true self.


This lead me onto my career as a Mental Health Counsellor to provide therapeutic services. I use both my own personal journey and professional experiences combined to assist clients on a healing journey of increasing their overall feelings of self-worth. I appreciate the variety of human experience and culture and value the importance of meeting each individual as they are and where they are when attending my sessions.

- Founder, Emma Craig


Anger Management



Behavioural Issues

Bereavement & Grief



Career Difficulties


Relationship Issues

School & Social Related Issues

Self - Esteem

Self - Compassion

Self - Harm Issues


Suicidal Feelings



Coping Skills


Child & adolescent



Emotional Distress

Expatriate & Relocation Issues

Imposter Syndrome

Life Transitions


Performance Anxiety

Personal Development


Pregnancy & Postnatal Depression


PTSD & Childhood Trauma


What to expect?

Introduction, get to meet me and have an informal chat. This gives you the opportunity to ensure we are a suitable fit for one another and enables me to talk through my approach, fees, contract and all the inportant information you should know prior to deciding if counselling is what you need at the moment.

What do I need to know?

We will be able to discuss what session times are available, session lengths, frequency of sessions, what a typical session looks like and what to expect in a first session with me.

What will I share?

You will be able to share your desired goals that you would like to achieve during your theraputic journey and discuss your expectations of working with a therapist.

What is the purpose of the call?

We will discuss your preferred online session type, TFJ policy, fees and client rights and the purpose of the consultation is to ensure I can help you. If I'm unable to help due to us not connecting or not being trained in an area you would like to work through, I can refer you onto someone who can help.


Emma is an amazing therapist who really listens. Her support, guidance and resources have helped me considerably and I am so grateful. I've had mixed feelings about therapists in the past, but Emma truly understands and empathises with you. My perspective on my emotions has changed for the better and I will definitely continue to improve my mental health with the tools Emma has given me.

- Sydney, Australia

Emma was amazing, easy to talk to and I felt like she really understood. She provided me with an insight into my own feelings and trauma that help me on a daily basis. I now understand much better why I feel the way that I feel about past events. I look forward to returning to therapy with Emma this year. The fact that I could do this online made it so much more accessible to me.

 -Sydney, Australia

 I have nothing but great things to say about the flawed journey. Emma is my therapist, she is amazing. She makes me feel so at easy, very comfortable with my emotions and makes me feel like I am not alone with everything I’ve experienced. I definitely would not be where I am today, if it was for Emma guiding me in the direction, and helping me find peace and solutions to my needs. Thank you so much.

- Northern Ireland

I reached out to Emma when I felt overwhelmed by a personal loss, anxiety from the COVID-19 situation and relationship troubles. She was able to help me structure my thoughts and guide me to deal with the issues one by one. She gave me a safe space to open up, which I was a little apprehensive of when I started. Kudos!




Thanks for reaching out, I will aim to be in contact within 24 hours!

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