What do we mean by Counselling?

Counselling is the process that occurs when a client and counsellor discuss and explore difficulties during a scheduled time, which may include stress or emotional feelings of the client. Most people at some point in their lives feel uncertain or overwhelmed by problems, both physically and mentally. Counselling therefore helps the client to change their behaviour and to improve their current situation.

What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling is better suited for clients who are able to resolve their own problems whilst Psychotherapy often suits clients who have long term deeper issues and mental health struggles.

What issues do some clients face in order to seek Counselling?

Clients will seek Counselling for many reasons including:

  • Grief and Bereavement

  • Marriage or Relationship break ups

  • Stress Management

  • Feeling lost and Confused

  • Job Loss

  • Death

  • Diagnosis of serious physical illness

  • Addiction

  • Low Self- esteem or Confidence

  • Bullying and Depression

What happens during Counselling Sessions?

You as a client will be in a comfortable, peaceful yet relaxing environment with the opportunity to discuss any underlying issues with a Professionally Trained Counsellor, Cognitive Behaviour and Psychotherapist. As your therapist, everything that is discussed during sessions will be kept strictly confidential.

What if I’m unsure if I need Counselling?

Please book a free 20 minute Worldwide Consultation via our booking system where you can ask any questions and queries that you want answered. We can discuss the underlying issues and situations you are currently facing in order for me to advise the best path suitable for you to begin your therapy.

What should I expect for my first Counselling Session?

It’s totally normal to feel a little nervous prior to your first session but as a therapist it is my job to make you as a client feel completely comfortable and at ease during your therapy journey. Counselling is an incredible journey and as a client you will feel a sense of trust, ability to fully open up with full attention and without any type of judgement. As a client you have the opportunity to discuss your personal history and current situation but will not be forced to discuss anything that makes you feel any sort of discomfort.

How long does a Counselling Session last?

Sessions will last 50 minutes but group sessions can be expected to be a little longer. If you wish to seek Online Counselling our sessions will last from 30 – 50 minutes and is available worldwide via phone or zoom.

How does Online Counselling work?

Online Counselling works by discussing your issues with a Counsellor via phone call, email or video zoom call. This is a great way to discuss any issues if you are unable to be in the area of a Counsellor, have waited to long on a waiting list or would prefer to discuss your issues online rather than face to face.

I want to book a therapy session, however a suitable time for me is not on the booking system?

If you wish to schedule an appointment either face to face or online but cannot find a suitable time for you on our booking system, please send an email requesting a time suitable for you to and we can arrange a suitable time for you.

How many therapy sessions will I need in order to achieve my goals?

Sessions are about working on any underlying issues and it’s important to understand that it does take time for results to occur. It takes allotment to unravel the emotions surrounding any issues and to identify the crux of the problem. Every client is different and it solely depends on what your wanting to achieve from your Counselling journey. As a therapist I will guide you through each session and decide if any further sessions are needed, however if you feel at anytime a session is unnecessary feel free to stop your future sessions.

How often will I need to attend my therapy sessions?

It is recommended at the beginning of your therapy journey to attend sessions once per week, because if we leave huge gaps in between sessions it can be more difficult to achieve positive goals and outcomes. As a therapist I will discuss the best suited time to fit your schedule, preference and budget.

Can I claim Counselling on Insurance or is there a rebate?

Counsellors are not included in Medicare which means there are no rebates. Unfortunately you cannot claim your sessions on Private Health Insurance as all sessions with The Flawed Journey are  private meaning all costs are at your own expense.


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