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Sometimes a fresh perspective or someone to listen is just what you need to move forward. Our team are trained Counsellors & Therapists who can offer guidance to transform your life by helping you think about things differently, focus on your personal strengths and goals, and connect with other supports in your community.


Drop-in counselling is beneficial for:

  • Receiving support in a safe, friendly environment

  • Overcoming challenges

  • Starting on a path towards change

  • Shifting your perspective 

How does drop-in counselling work?

Drop-in counselling refers to a single 60-minute session. We do not go into a lot of background details but you stay focused on a current issue and specific goal for the session.You will leave the session feeling a lot lighter, less tense, less emotional and less overwhelmed. You can expect to have your feelings validated and come out with hope that things will get better.


Whilst we don't encourage clients down this path long term we do recommend it as a good short term option for those who would like to drop in to see what our sessions are like and if you connect well with the therapist. Due to drop in sessions being more of a venting / reporting environment and individuals still benefit highly, it is more of a delayed process due to the inconsistency. Our mental health therapists can help you understand your situation better and figure out ways to move successfully through it. 

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