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Our team work very closely with expats due to their own personal experiences of living abroad we can provide empathy & compassion at a deeper level through our Counselling sessions to assist you with any struggles you are facing living abroad.

Are you an expat living in Sydney, Australia and struggling to know how or where to make friends in the community?

Most Irish & British move abroad to popular destinations such as:

  • Spain

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Boston

  • New York

  • Toronto

  • Dubai

  • Thailand

  • Singapore

Relocating to a new country can be exciting yet also overwhelming due to change and uncertainty. Expats can face difficulties early on in the relocation process and for others, difficulties may evolve over time, emerging as they adapt to life in a new country, or to a lifestyle of multiple relocation's.

Difficulties with which people frequently seek help include:

  • Feelings of loneliness and isolation

  • Grief over leaving one’s previous life / friends / job / lifestyle

  • Feeling lost over lack of stability / security

  • Fear of change / uncertainty of future

  • Anxiety around meeting new people

  • Difficulty developing close or lasting relationships

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the challenges and demands of new environments

  • Confusion around whether to remain abroad or to return home

  • Family resentment about moving

  • Depression

  • Alcohol / Substance abuse

  • Feeling "stuck" or burnt out

Counselling sessions can help by talking about your experiences of living abroad as an expat in a confidential and supportive way to effectively help you to understand the causes of your difficulties, and find constructive paths forward. 

Our team can assist you with online sessions via phone / zoom video call and also have a therapist who is relatable to life abroad as an expat.

Expat Counselling
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