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Founder & Counsellor

Hello & welcome, I'm Emma & I'm fully qualified within Professional Psychotherapeutic Counselling since 2019 after studying at an advanced diploma level with Belfast Met College & CTAA and have been in working full-time in private practice for 2 years.

I'm from Northern Ireland and went down the path of starting my career as a Mental Health Counsellor at a time when I was also battling with my own mental health and at this time found it difficult to locate young relatable therapists with services that included no waiting time and avoided charging large fees. I have experienced my own individual therapy and done healing of my own since teenage years and this brought me to have a passion in Counselling & Psychology and holistic approaches that focus on improving your overall well-being.


After qualifying I could see there was a gap for young people to reach mental health support. I aim to provide a service that is modern, that will reach communities both locally and globally and is accessible and affordable for all. Through this I hope that it will "normalise" talk therapy and shift the stigma around individuals seeking help.


When I previously lived abroad as an expat, I worked in-person with clients in Sydney, Australia and completed various volunteering and agency work that enabled me to further grow upon my skill set as I got the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients from many different backgrounds. I have extensive experience of working with common issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, grief, trauma, abuse, expats abroad, relationship break ups, self - esteem issues, and most recently the C-19 response.

I use an integrative approach in sessions and integrate three main modalities - Person Centred, CBT & Psychodynamic therapy. This allows me as a Counsellor to explore where each individual client is and what they need from sessions. I believe by tailoring my approach around each client helps to bring the best outcome for each individual, as we all cope, feel our emotions and learn in different ways.

I believe that events in our childhood have a great influence on our adult lives and play a huge part in shaping our personality within our adult relationships and I'm therefore drawn to work closely with clients who suffer from trauma or individuals who have experienced abuse.


I have recently completed trauma informed training. Trauma informed practice means that you are trained professionally to understand the impacts of interpersonal trauma and how this can impact and affect you as an individual and most importantly, you are able to help you understand what is happening and help reduce some of the symptoms of trauma that you may be experiencing and this is what I aim to do when working with clients who have experienced trauma. 

My therapeutic style is a Humanistic / Person-Centred therapy approach which focuses on the importance of providing a safe space where mental health issues are normalised and focus on the importance of providing each client with a non-judgemental safe space where they can get confidential support. Through therapy it is important to me to help you to improve your overall well-being whilst also giving you the opportunity to learn tools that will sustain your needs for the future.

I believe by nature that I'm deeply empathic and I ensure to bring my best self to each session as I believe this is important in order for clients to get the best results and to build a strong therapeutic relationship. I prioritise to build a strong congruent relationship with my clients to increase overall feelings of self-worth and to reduce the level of in-congruence between the ideal and actual self. 


Outside of client work, I'm continuously learning and seeking for new ways to improve my professional skills and overall practice. I'm commencing full-time study within Clinical Psychology in October 2021 alongside my client work and I'm excited to expand my knowledge beyond Counselling and have future ambitions to qualify as a Counselling Psychologist which will open up further career opportunities and also enable me to grow further professionally amongst my peers.

I have internationally recognised memberships with the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA), International Therapist Directory and a current student membership with BPS (The British Psychological Society) - currently working towards accreditation.

I'm currently based in London and I'm working online remotely with both adults & adolescents via phone call and zoom video call sessions.


My sessions can help you feel fully supported, encouraged and empowered on your journey of healing. If you are a new client requesting an appointment, please book a FREE 20 Minute phone call consultation below at a day / time that is most suitable to your schedule. In consultations it enables us to have a chat to ensure that we connect as client + therapist, my services & approach are best suited to your needs, and I'm able to answer all your questions to ensure you are prepared to begin sessions with an idea on what to expect.