Our founder, Emma Craig, started her career as a Mental Health Counsellor at a time when she was dealing with her own mental health. Emma battled with Depression, Anxiety, Trauma & Self-Esteem for many years, through her teens and stepping into adulthood, Emma found it difficult to locate young therapists with services that include a non-clinical approach, unrealistic waiting times and avoids charging large fees.

Emma grew up in Northern Ireland where mental health is unfortunately a massive issue since the troubles and NI have the highest suicide rate in the whole of UK. The waiting lists are so long for proper help that the issues end up spiralling further beyond our control and it isn't unless you self-harm, take an overdose, or express thoughts of suicidality that mental health is then taken seriously. Help is unfortunately not accessible or quick enough for some people and this why individuals won't come forward when struggling. 

Emma found herself always trying to assist others when struggling with a listening ear and was passionate in helping her communities through volunteering work where she could in her free time. After moving abroad to Australia in early 2018, Emma realised there were many expats like her suffering with their mental health abroad so decided to take the steps towards establishing a private practice as a young Counsellor who can open up conversations around mental health and have a unique non clinical approach to make individuals feel comfortable talking and not cause them further anxiety or distress.

Emma has developed many life skills through her background of working within many different industries such as social care, hospitality, sales, marketing and administrative roles. Emma fully qualified in Professional Psychotherapeutic Counselling back in 2019 at an advanced diploma level with CTAA and then soon after launched her thriving private practice "The Flawed Journey", brand name after her own flawed mental health journey.

As a young therapist, Emma strives to grow each day and is highly motivated about reducing the stigma around mental health by normalising common issues as a passionate Counsellor and advocate to her communities. The Flawed Journey team have a modern up to date approach with providing mental health services all over the globe and involves no waiting time and affordable fees.

Emma aims to grow The Flawed Journey into a worldwide community of therapists that can proudly share our mission & vision to open up endless conversations in a unique way and assist individuals with accessible and affordable help no matter where located. Emma uses her own journey with mental health as a valuable life lesson in order to grow her practice and provide informative resources to normalise life's struggles and often thinks about how helpful it would have been for her as a teen to have the support her practice now offers. Emma is very involved in maintaining her own self-care and mental health through ongoing therapy and understands it is just as important as returning to the gym to build and maintain muscle. 

The Flawed Journey is a fast growing practice that started as a dream and has now expanded to a team of 2 other therapists through the pandemic to open up further availability. From the moment you step into our space, we want you to feel relaxed, safe and comfortable. Whether you reach out for our support through a challenging time or are looking to clarify your potential for the future ahead, we want you to feel at ease as we are with you on this journey.

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“I started The Flawed Journey practice because when I was in need of a Counsellor and professional help, I couldn't find instant services that were easy accessible and also affordable. I wanted to create a Worldwide community of therapists that will help many others open up about their mental health struggles without the additional stress of long waiting lists & high fees.”

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