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The Flawed Journey support podcasts globally by supporting and helping them reach out to new audiences to enable them to grow listeners and form a community.


The Flawed Journey understand how much podcasts help with our mental health so we have partnered with some great podcasts for you to regularly listen to and if you check them out, you will obtain a discount off our services.

If you own a podcast and would like to connect, send us an email here.

Nathan chats to a different person every week from different backgrounds, professions and cultures.


Nathan started his podcast at the beginning of the pandemic back in May 2020 and has been growing by releasing a new episode each week for his listeners who tune in all over the globe.

If you have a story to share and would like to connect with Nathan, contact him here.

Listen to Sh!t Talk & Banter on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & YouTube.

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Rise & Find is a podcast that inspires people from all walks of life to share their mental health stories. Rise & Find want to help you bring it to the surface! With special guests such as Matt Runnalls from Mindfull Aus, Cooper Chapman from The Good Human Factory, Molly Jane from Bloom App, as well as local business people, athletes, and the everyday human, all discussing their experiences with Mental Health, and the tools that they have found helpful over the years.

Listen to Rise & Find on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & YouTube.

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