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Here you can find further general and specific information, self-help, and support on a range of mental health issues, including helpful information related to students, coronavirus & much more that we feel maybe supportive for you.


Abuse -

National Association for People Abused in Childhood - supporting adult survivors of all types of childhood abuse

Birchall Trust - support for survivors of rape and sexual abuse

Trust House Lancashire - support for anyone affected by rape and sexual abuse

Rape Crisis England and Wales - emotional support, information, and self-help for girls and women

Women’s Aid - supporting women and children who have been impacted by abuse

Karma Nirvana - supporting victims of honour-based abuse and arranged marriage

Alcohol and Drugs -

Alcoholics Anonymous - supporting people with alcohol problems, and local AA meetings

Drink Aware - support reducing alcohol consumption

Talk to Frank - information on drugs

Inspire - providing drug and alcohol treatment, including open access and structured treatment

Bereavement -

Cruse - bereavement support, including counselling

Hope Again - Cruse’s support for young people

The Good Grief Trust - support and information on local services

Eating Disorders -

Breathe - supporting those with eating disorders, including accessing eating disorder clinics and therapy

Beat - supporting those with eating disorders, including a specific helpline for students, and advice on how to help somebody with an eating disorder

National Eating Disorders Association - community, support and help for those with eating disorders or wishing to know how to help somebody with one

Estrangement -

Stand Alone - supporting adults who are estranged from their parents

Welfare QMUL - students not in contact with their family (estranged)


Gendered Intelligence - resources and support for young trans and gender variant people

The Proud Trust - resources and support for young people identifying as LGBT+

The Be You Project - resources and support for LGBT+ young people

Self-Harm -

Self-Harm Awareness For All - support for those who self-harm, including counselling

Self-Injury Support - support for girls and women affected by self-harm

Self - Help Guides - people who have experience of harming themselves have contributed to writing a guide

Relationships -

Relate - relationship support for families, couples, and individuals

Get Self Help - self help guide for relationship difficulties using CBT

Support Line - information on benefits, contact, residence, divorce, separation, solicitors and childcare


Calm - meditation techniques for sleep and stress reduction

Calm Harm - support resisting or managing self-harm

Daylio - mood tracker and micro diary

Forest - improving and remaining focused

Gratitude - personal journal app to record the things you're grateful for

Headspace - guided meditation and mindfulness

Healthily - a self-care app with information on lots of conditions

Hold- keeps track of phone use

Hub of Hope - enter your postcode and find local support services

Moodpath - help improving emotional well-being

Moodspace - self-help app

Pacifica - daily tools for stress, anxiety, and depression based on CBT and mindfulness meditation

Rise Up and Recover - eating disorder monitoring app

Samaritans - a self-help app from the Samartians

Stay Alive - suicide prevention resource, with information and tools to help stay safe in a crisis

Talk Space - online therapy

Thrive - NHS game-based app to help prevent and manage stress, anxiety and related conditions, to use when needed or more regularly

Way of Life - habit tracker

7 Cups - connects you with caring listeners for free emotional support


Student Space has been developed by UK student mental health charity Student Minds, and is here for you through Coronavirus. How ever you’re feeling, they have help and guidance available. Explore a range of trusted information, services and tools to help you with the challenges of student life.

  • Call FREE on 0808 189 5260.

  • Access a dedicated freephone number which is open from 4pm to 11pm, offering listening support, information and onward signposting for students.


  • To start a conversation, text ‘STUDENT’ to 85258.

  • Get 24/7 support from a trained volunteer. It’s free, confidential and anonymous. Whether you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, loneliness or relationship issues, we’re here to listen and support you.



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